“Hi we have a party booked tomorrow but the DJ my friend arranged cancelled today, anyone out there that can help? It should be a fun night, nice people. We would really appreciate it. Thanks, Elain.

BRIDE; “How much??? ...But the other DJ was only £169.00”

DJ MIKE FRANCIS;  "And how did that work out for you?"

Generally, bargain DJ’s use cheap equipment that sounds bad, plus they illegally download music which cuts-out and the levels fluctuate. Needless to say they are not insured and their equipment is not tested for safety. These DJs are basically bedroom DJs that are very inexperienced so, when they cock-up, which they frequently do, you’ll only have yourself to blame.


Finally if they are offered an extra £10 from someone else, they’ll simply fail to turn up to your party! Just look how many people say “the DJ has let us down” …this is the reason.

Avoid looking for the lowest possible price because inevitably when calls start coming in to me from distressed couples the week before their wedding  it's usually a result of someone trying to save a few quid on the DJ and then finding they have cancelled on them because the DJ has been offered a tenner more to be somewhere else.

The saying goes – you get what you pay for, so don’t expect great product and service for nothing.

The worst clients in the world are cheap clients.

There is a VERY limited supply of mobile DJs with high quality equipment and experience and If we're a good fit to work together, I’ll be happy to help you BUT high expectations and a shoestring budget is a recipe for disaster. Here's some examples of infantile questions and work I've recently rejected...

  • Hi I’m looking for a dj for my mums wedding. I don’t want one that’s going to be too expensive as we have a small budget max £200 from 6pm 6 hours. A: Very basic equipment hire alone is £140 plus 1 hour setup and 1 hour take-down plus travel which is around 8 hours work. So that works out at £7.50 an hour when the average wage of a barman is, £8... Thanks, I'll have to say no on this occasion.

  • DJ wanted for 8 hours for 90-100 guests. The wedding is at 3.00 pm we are then going to the venue for after party at 4.00. Function is on first floor but no lift. Budget under £200. Not flexible. A: Small event sound equipment hire is £140 plus 1 hour setup and 1 hour take-down so you actually need 10 hours altogether... plus carry heavy equipment to the first floor too? Which means you want to pay me around £6.00 an hour which is well below the minimum wage? ...Thanks but no.

  • I need a DJ for my engagement party. Would have to have full set up and flexible with song choice as ages vary. Must be good at entertaining and getting the crowd up dancing as well as put 100% effort in all night to make it super special. Less than £200.00 A: So what you want is an experienced party DJ who can keep kids enthralled and adults amused for many hours until they are filling the dance floor with their hands in the air in awe at the Incredible sound, lighting and encyclopedic knowledge of music that makes this DJ and this party so brilliant! If you quadruple your budget then yes, no problem!

  • Christening, DJ wanted who can be a comedy act for adults and children for less than £200. A: A comedy act, a kids entertainer, a DJ and sound and lighting system? I can provide you with a small sound system hire for £140 but finding a DJ with adult comedy skills who can also entertain kids is going to be a tough one at £60. Thanks for the invitation to quote though.

  • I was just wanting a price. A: If I phoned a builder and said "I want a house, how much will you charge me?" What do you think his reaction would be?

  • Looking for quotes, not sure of budget. A: £2400.00

  • If possible, we're looking for a DJ / Children's entertainer. Thanks. A: Children's entertainer and a DJ are two completely different skills. What you really want is a jack the lad who can pretend to do both jobs and save you some money to boot! If you want a successful and memorable party, hire two entertainers or hire a DJ for adults. Any DJ worth his salt will know how to please kids without the need to 'entertain them'

  • Requiring a DJ who won’t play any ‘cheese’! ...Funk, R and B, remixed disco, Soul, Motown, and some modern House - with great beats to dance to. Trying to avoid the cliche disco from the 70s, unless remixed. Enjoy Shakatac, The Real Thing, Heatwave, Shalamar, Donna Summer, McFadden and Whitehead, Kool and the Gang to name a few but no ABBA, gimmicky songs or Simply the Best! Mixed audience, handful of 20 year olds, the rest 50+ but who all love to dance to a great beat. A guest singer has also been booked for x 2 sets. Not sure of actual start and finish times just yet. A: Yes, you're micro-managing AND dictating the music when you have no idea what fills a dance-floor, especially with older people. You also don't know how long you want me for? so if I give you a price for five hours, you'll expect the same price for 10 hours too? Save some money, hire a sound system and plug in an ipod. This is not a job for me. Give your DJ a DO PLAY list and a 'DO NOT PLAY' list and your problem is solved.

  • Hi This is a 50th Birthday Party. She is looking for someone who will not only play music, but help host the event with some games and a bit of Karaoke. A: okay, so you want some sort of bouncy enthusiastic Ant and Dec style entertainer for adults and kids too, plus you want the DJ to provide a karaoke setup too and host AND you want music as an afterthought for a full age-range of people. I bet you'd like all this for a bargain price too! Contact an entertainment agency and when you know what you actually NEED, get back in touch and I'll see if I have anybody that can live up to your expectations for less than £800.

  • Hi I’ll be hosting Under 18s to give teens a chance to experience fun and we need a good dj under £200. A: Pouting teens expect bigger sound systems and better lighting than your average mobile disco so equipment hire charges alone for a small setup is around £240.00 which means we can't help. You need to get a learner DJ who might be able to cobble together some speakers and a few disco lights. Don't expect a great experience though.

  • Hi How much do you charge to dj a wedding on the date and time given Thanks. Under £200 wanted. A: DELETE

  • Hi there We have still not found a DJ for our engagement party, and the date is fast approaching! Our budget is under £200 and would prefer around £100 for 4 hours on the night. A: I still haven't found a Ferrari for £1,000 and my South of France trip is fast approaching - I may have to get a bus because I don't have any money!

  • DJ wanted for a male 60th loves queen. A: Mr builder, I want a house for my uncle who is 60. Loves red bricks FFS.

  • Hi have been let down by dj we had booked in 3 days time if anyone can fill in this late then please drop us a quote. A: If you find someone that isn't booked at this late stage, expect to pay a BIG premium or just get anybody you can find and hope he has enough NOW Albums to please a few people. Next time, stop penny-pinching, book a professional and get a contract. Less stress!

  • Hi I’m planning my partners 30th it’s a rock theme heavy metal party, so I’m after someone who can play stuff like iron maiden, guns & roses , System of a down ,Metallica ,Slipknot ,Ramsticin, Korn, AC/DC and so on.. thank you. A: So in fact it's not really a party, it's heavy-rock fan night... which means this is a potential nightmare for a DJ. You need to hire a sound system and plug in your ipod or get an 18 year old DJ with a mickey mouse sound and lighting system who is desperate for money.

  • Just looking for a cheap ish dj for my mums 40th Less than £200. A: An honest request but once again, after minimum equipment hire charges at £140 and a 7 hour shift including set up and take down, I can earn more than this working behind the bar! So, NO, not the type of event for me.

  • I am having a 70th birthday party on the 29th June, would like a dj to play 60s/70s/80s music to a family group of mixed ages ranging from 1yr old to 70s from a Irish background, our budget is not high with the cost of the venue and food. A: So you've sent the same request to several DJs and you will pick the cheapest you can get adding "is that the cheapest you can do". Thereby financing your food and venue hire? A once in a lifetime offer but, no thanks.

  • Hi, I have just recently got engaged and a I'm looking for a DJ to play at my engagement party it will be between 5-6 hours. I don't have a massive budget but I'm looking for good quality and someone lively to help bring my party together and make it memorable. Less than £200. A: So you want a professional events and DJ business with great quality sound and lighting to create a fantastic and memorable event for friends, relations and children for 8 hours (including 2 hours setup and take-down) for £60 (after sound and lighting hire fees of £140)... Errr, let me think about that one... No thanks.  

  • Looking for the cheapest price as possible as it’s a surprise birthday/clear of cancer party and on a really tight budget. A: You need a home hifi and an ipod.

  • I am looking specifically for a drag DJ for the evening for a womans 50th birthday party who loves the music played in north west gay clubs. A: So you think a specialist drag act DJ from the gay scene is the right way to go for your guests? No problem, £960 is the price. I can also find a party DJ for around £350 if you prefer.

  • I Need a DJ cheap as possible please. A: No, Just NO!

  • Venue have PA but if you've got mirrors, lights and light up floors we won't say no, but obviously we need to keep the cost down. A: Champagne taste and beer money. No!

When choosing food for your party, would you go with the absolute cheapest meat and fish? Probably not. So, why consider the cheapest disco or DJ you can find? For a milestone event, it probably isn’t the best time to look at saving a few quid!


Peter Barr Catering

Micro disco and DJ FROM £195 ground floor only. First floor or poor unloading 2 men required  and cost increases by £100. Note for DJ Mike Francis, add £450

Premium DJ Mike Francis disco setup plus assistant £1500 for 5 hours performance plus 4 hours setup and take-down. Total 9 hours. 2 men needed. Above ground-floor or poor unloading, site survey required.

Mike Francis bespoke garden parties or events from £2500

Book the lowest price you can find and you can be sure of a memorable occasion!


My friend’s DJ has let her down and we I need a DJ for tomorrow night 150 people, are you free… I can be, cost £xxx… Ah, she’s only got the £140 she was originally paying…  The sound equipment alone for 150 guests is £140 and sound without lighting will be a very poor experience so it's unfortunate, but on this occasion we're unable to meet your budget. 18 Hours later, okay we'll book. TOO LATE! "unfortunately the DJ we had available has now been booked out, we're unable to help".


Last minute dj required for tomorrow night due to one booked now ill. It’s for my daughters birthday


I had booked a dj but hes let me down at the last minute hence the close date

Hi. I'm looking for a DJ for my 30th birthday next weekend. A mixture of music would be fab. No children. Just adults - if you could get back to me asap that would be fab. The DJ we booked has just cancelled with it being a week away it's abit of a nightmare. Alice

Commercial DJ needed tonight for a high street bar, last minute let down. Are you available? Craig J

Due to us being let down we need to urgently find a DJ for 26th May 9am till 4pm. Let me know if free. No lights needed but must be chatty on the mic with own kit and play music suitable for families and children. Sian C


I am having an absolute disaster. My DJ has cancelled and I need a replacement asap. I am able to pay in full immediately. Its for a 60th birthday party with aproximately 70 guests from 6pm - 11pm, Many Thanks, Damia

Been let down for a DJ for a leaving party on the 28th April 2019 so could do with quote asap. Thanks Stephen

Let down. DJ needed , 60th birthday Friday 18th May,

Good morning, I’ve been let down last minute is there any chance you are available and what are your prices. It’s for my mums 50th birthday and it’s at the blue club in chadderton and the theme is dancing through the decades so would need music from each decade if possible Kind regards Kelly

Hi, I am looking for a dj for my wedding on 10/06/2019. My current dj has had to pull out hence the short notice. It is at shrigley hall in Macclesfield and would be between roughly 8pm and 1am. Thanks Matt

Hello there, My name is Chloe and I am looking for a dj for my partners 21st birthday party. The party will be held at the Elton Liberal Club in bury and the party will start around 7:30pm. I’m am looking for a dj at a reasonable price and for a dj that will be able to attend. Unfortunately the dj we had, had let us down and now it is a bit of a rush. Please inform me as soon as possible. Thank you Chloe T

Looking for a DJ for 7th October Bolton area from 4.30pm as my wedding DJ has now let us down by booking a holiday after taking our booking. Chantelle

I'm looking for a DJ who is available on 14 October this year. Our DJ has let us down. Gemma

Looking for a DJ to do a wedding as ours let us down, 11th july Paul

Hello! Can you DJ on the 25th of May? Unfortunately our other DJ has let us down.


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