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How much is too much?

DJs and mobile discos may seem the same but it's like comparing apples with whales! There are a whole range of DJs available. Anything from £60, right up to however many tens of thousands that David Guetta charges.

And each price gets you a different service.

Under £200 is the budget end of discos.  There are plenty offerings at this price, but it does come with risks.  I often hear of people who get let down at the last minute because the DJ takes on a better paying job elsewhere. They will also be using much cheaper equipment (won't sound as good, and is likely to be more tatty). There has to be a trade off at this price - a DJ isn't going to invest in high quality professional equipment when he's only making a few quid per booking. And ask yourself why a DJ wants to work for such a low rate.  If it's an ego trip playing songs, does he really care about your wedding?  Or is he more interested in playing the songs he likes?

£200-£500 is the mid range price.  If you want a DJ to just turn up and play some music, then this works for you.  Likely to be better equipment than above, and likely to be more reliable.  You're also hitting the price of most agencies, who have a number of DJs on their books, so you will not get to meet with your DJ until the night itself!  Whilst the disco might be perfectly fine, the DJ is unlikely to be able afford to invest much time in the disco beforehand and unless you can send him a list of 'must-play' songs before the event, you'll likely hear the "same old cliche wedding songs" - not much to make your evening memorable when you've invested so much time and money on everything else to make the day unique to you!

£500+ is where you start finding the premium DJs.  These are the professionals who can command a good rate because of the quality of the service they offer. They will meet with you beforehand, to fully understand your plans and vision for the day, and will deliver you a totally bespoke evening of entertainment on very high quality equipment, which will sound and look amazing.  At this level, you are likely to be getting an evening of entertainment that people will talk about for years, with "memorable moments".

Plus, premium DJs often offer much more - including being your "host" - acting as your Master of Ceremonies, if you aren't having one - or don't want the formal "red coat" look.

If you're on a budget, then a £200-£500 DJ will be just fine.

But if you've invested in a beautiful venue with amazing decoration, do you want that all spoilt by a disco setup that doesn't look great?  A premium DJ will have a setup that will look amazing in high-end venues.

Many people "get away" with a budget DJ - but the less you pay, the more risks involved.  It's likely they won't have any backup equipment, will be operating older vehicles and have equipment that has been used for longer (possibly even second hand when they bought it).  So there's a greater risk of things going wrong.

The evening entertainment makes up around 1/3rd of your wedding day - get it right and you finish on a high with amazing memories that you and your guests will remember for years.

Get it wrong, and your evening can fizzle out - and the evening reception is the last part of the day and is how people will remember the whole day.

A survey carried out on brides after their wedding revealed the following:

72% of brides said they wished they had spent more time researching their reception entertainment and selecting their wedding DJ.

78% of brides said they wished they had made entertainment at the wedding reception their highest priority.

In the survey 100% of brides would have spent more on their entertainment had they realised how much impact it had while they were planning.

Professional Event Planner?

We know that your budget is important so download brochures and prices and choose one of our our money-saving DJ packages or if you're more of an a la carte person, create a unique event based on your vision. Everything you need from DJ only to LOVE Letters, photo booths and enhancements such as venue uplighting, wedding monograms and even laser lightshows. Unleash your creativity!

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