This is a list of questions that I have found in our email archives. These questions and answers are of a general nature and in no particular order. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email me a new question at

Whether it's your wedding or a family party, you need to make sure certain things are considered if you want your party to be a success.

Is your room and dance floor too big for your party?
Even if you have 300 people at your wedding, the room can feel empty if it's designed to hold twice as many people than you have invited. A packed room makes your wedding feel more like a "party," while a large open room allows people to spread out and takes away from the energy of the reception. If it's too big, make sure the tables occupy much of the space before the event.

Your DJ is THE entertainment and host, make sure the venue operator does not stick him in a corner behind a table of 10 as an afterthought, you may as well use an iphone to entertain.

The same holds true for the dance floor. We deejayed several events and weddings in 2018 where not only was the room too big, but the dance floor was large enough to fit more than SIX times the number of guests at the event - No matter how many people we had on the floor at any given time, it WAS empty.

Is there a lot of light in the room?
Often times, people think they look silly when they dance. So, when the lights are dimmer, you tend to see more people willing to hit the floor.  This is also why you tend to see fewer dancing at daytime weddings. If it's an evening wedding, and if we feel too much light is making people shy away from the dance floor, we'll find the venue manager and ask to dim the lights... or of course you can make sure this will be in place when you book your venue.

Here's your best chance to kill the party.
By the end of the buffet, any father/daughter slow dances should be done and dusted, thank you speeches should have been made, gifts and flowers distributed and the wedding cake should have been cut. This period after the buffet is critical to the success of your party, so think twice about interrupting the music flow and atmosphere your DJ is creating for at least 45 minutes. If your brother wants to give an impromptu speech after he's had a few pints - don't let him. he'll kill the party!  An experienced DJ makes the job look easy BUT, getting all your guests cheering, laughing and dancing is no easy task, ESPECIALLY at a wedding reception - you're paying for your DJ's experience so use it.

B IGGGG NOTE: If you don't dance, don't expect your guests to dance!
Are you (the bride & groom) and your wedding party dancing? Many times, your guests will follow your lead. So, if you are hanging out at the bar with the wedding party, there's a VERY strong chance your guests will do exactly the same. If you are spending most of your time outside, and the dance floor is inside, your other guests will head outside with you. Likewise, if your guests see you on the dance floor having fun, they will  join you.

Ignore your older guests at your peril!! Playing groovy funky EDM or R&B club and chart hits for the young and trendy at the event is fine,  and a few mums, kids and pouting teens will dance early in the night  BUT, music like this will provide your older guests with a reason to leave as early as possible too - Don't underestimate the power of classic dance tracks to keep people as long as possible and a great atmosphere. After 11pm when all the younger people have had a few drinks, they'll dance to whatever is playing and your DJ will cater for them anyway!

Wedding music is always the same.
This is certainly true with inexperienced Djs who rely on 'best of' albums for their music knowlege. But I find the best motivator is always to play music that works well with the MAJORITY of the audience we're playing for, after all, it's not a nightclub. At weddings, we usually play a variety of genres and eras of music, because we want to get everyone on the dance floor at least for a song or two if possible. What we will not do is anything that your guests would find cheesy or embarrassing. We don't want anyone at your wedding to feel uncomfortable.  We will not take people by the hand and pull them onto the dance floor. You know your guests better than we do so what we will do is play great music from your playlist.


What is included in the cost of my event?
Up to five hours of performance time (additional time is available at a prorated hourly cost), setup time, breakdown time, and ALL equipment, including sound and lighting systems for events with up to 150 guests. For weddings over 150 guests, a custom quote is necessary to ensure your event's equipment and staffing needs are met. Our flat-rate pricing is refreshingly easy to understand — there are no hidden charges, and all fees are clearly stated in your agreement with our company.

How would you define your “style” or approach to providing DJ entertainment?
Our DJs’ presentation is polished and understated, marked by artistic mixing and a professional “cheese-free” approach to announcements and microphone work. Many DJs think that it is their job to put on a show and be the center of attention at the reception. We believe firmly that your wedding is your show, and we have no interest in taking the spotlight from you. Your dance floor will be packed, but it will be because your DJ selected just the right songs from your request list and mixed them in just the right sequence - not because he chattered endlessly on the microphone.

Do you use party props?
No. Our performers do not dress in any type of costume or distribute silly blow-up guitars to the audience. Neither do we harass your guests into "jump", nor do we lead and teach "The Macarena" ...although I still love it after all these years, go figure!! If you are seeking a game-show style performer to motivate your guests in this way, you would probably be happier with another deejay company - there are a few who specialise in this interactive style of entertainment! We also have an emcee we employ from time to time when we need this style for certain events.

Can we pick what music to play?                               
VIP DJs don't limit requests, so you can pre-request as many songs as you like before your party, in fact the more the merrier! That way we will play the music you WANT to hear at your event. This is good because it not only gives us great songs to play for your guests but also an idea of your musical tastes. One thing you should know though; we’re firm believers of only playing music that is suitable for the dancefloor. We’ll cover the following genres of music; funk, soul, Motown, disco, party tunes, and more contemporary styles such as R&B, current pop, and commercial dance.

We will advise you if we feel some of your selections won’t work on the dancefloor! It is your party but you’ll enjoy it far more if your guests are enjoying themselves too! With this in mind we always recommend a good sprinkling of ‘tried and tested’ party classics to be included in your playlist. In our experience any successful party will include a significant number of tracks from the 5,000+ suit-all-ages music on our online playlist (you will gain access to this when you book).  Keep in mind that as the client you are of course entitled to submit a detailed playlist which the DJ will gladly honour, however, if the event is not as successful as you would have liked, you cannot then blame the DJ if he simply carried out your instructions.

Can you give us advice on booking a venue?
Booking a venue is up to personal preference really, but try to make sure venues don't have sound limiters, as these will cause DJs and you a lot of problems, as they cut the power when the music reaches a certain volume, which in a lot of places, is set quite quiet. If you wish for us to use a smoke/haze machine to create laser llight shows and enhance the modern lighting, make sure the venue doesn’t have a smoke alarm, or has one that can be isolated. Another thing is that you should try to book a venue that has a slightly higher ceiling; this is so we can get the lighting effects as high as possible, for a better looking effect. Finally, a venue that insists that their in-house DJ is the perfect man for the job is probably lying and not acting in your best interests.
Who is your typical customer?
VIP serves the client who wants a high quality event, with music tailored to their particular event. They often have quite specific musical tastes and do not wish to receive the "bog standard" mobile disco that many other vendors provide. The client is usually organising an event such as a: Wedding, Civil Partnership, Engagement, Christening, Birthday,  Student Ball, Corporate Event, Presentation, Award Ceremony, Christmas or New Year Show.

Why should we choose you?
It’s a question we get asked a lot and it was only recently when a professional party planner really summed it up with "experience, experience and exprience" ...add to that 100% reliabilty record ...That's why people book and it is why you should too. We're not above our station, we simply provide music, a sound system and lighting and make sure it is on time, safe and fun ...and then we leave!

How does your DJ service work?
DJ Mike Francis runs the business full time and will be your main point of contact.  Mike performs at a large number of our events, but has a team of talented DJs to rely on when he’s already accepted a booking.  He takes a thorough approach and will pass all of the relevant information on to your DJ.  If you want to speak directly with your DJ in advance, just ask.

Do you talk a lot on the microphone?
I believe the music should be the party, so I only vamp the crowd when it is required or requested. I don't stand gormless behind a laptop all night though! Microphone work and crowd interaction is an essential skill of any audience related work and we pride ourselves on ours. All our DJs promise to use clear and concise announcements throughout the night and they won’t keep talking over your favourite music. Answer by DJ Mike Francis:

Are you any good?
Mike Francis has been personally supplying mobile discos for private parties since 1976. "If i wasn't any good I wouldn't have lasted this long".
Do you do more than just play music?
There is more to most events than just pushing buttons and playing music. The DJ will not only keep the music and atmosphere going but will handle announcements and help coordinate everything so that it runs smoothly.  Our DJ’s will create a party that reflects your style whether you’re a traditionalist seeking elegant lounge music for your elegant white wedding, a ‘rock n’ roll’ couple looking for some cool sounds or a ‘cheesy popster’ who loves to dance to all those classic party tracks! If you’re looking for DJs who can mix it up, read and play to a diverse crowd VIP are a perfect choice.

Our DJs will entertain and energise your guests in a way that’s natural and comfortable yet fun and they will never make themselves the centre of attention ...if you would prefer a Butlin's Redcoat-type entertainer we are probably not the best DJ Service for your event.

Why choose VIP?

  • Fully insured

  • PAT certified equipment

  • Local company for Manchester

  • Bespoke online booking manager

  • Latest sound & lighting equipment

  • Backup equipment carried at all times

How do I book a VIP Disco
To book VIP, simply complete the booking form on with your event details and if your date is available we will get back to you with a confirmation of booking for your event and we’ll ask you to confirm the booking by paying a £50 non-refundable booking fee. (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY A DEPOSIT) but, if you don’t confirm the party, we open the date once more for enquiries.

Do you confirm the booking in writing?
Yes, all bookings are confirmed by email together with terms and conditions of trade.
What happens after I’ve booked my disco?
Once you've booked your disco with us, you'll be able to login to your unique client area to...

  • Check & amend your booking.

  • Request your favourite songs.

  • Access & print our handy planning forms for weddings, photographers and event planning.

How much do you charge?
As every event is different, we tailor our services to suit your event, meaning our prices can vary depending on the services you require. Please contact us for a bespoke price for your event.

How far in advance do I need to book?
Usually we recommend booking around twelve months in advance for peak times of the year, such as summer and Christmas; however, sometimes we can fit events in at the last minute.
Is lighting included?
Yes – all of our disco packages include suitable lighting and sound equipment for your event and venue. The equipment is carefully matched to the venue, the function, and the audience. This may be as minimal as two small speakers, a playout stand and playout system, and two small LED wash lights, or as much as a large PA system, a full size booth with overhead trussing, and up to seven high powered effects lights.
When do I have to pay?
A £50 non-refundable deposit confirms the booking although this is not essential. The balance is then due by the date of the event by cash, or fourteen days prior to the event by credit/debit card. Rather than paying the full balance on the date of the event, you are welcome to pay smaller amounts in the months prior to your event using our Online Payment Facility – just as long as the full balance has been paid by the date of the event. 
Can I pay in advance?
Absolutely, we'll never refuse your money! Full payment prior to your event is no problem at all, and is actually not as rare as you might imagine. It gives you one less thing to worry about on the big day.
Do you have Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?
Yes – we have full Public Liability Insurance (PLI) to the value of £10 million. Certificate available upon request.

Is your equipment electrical safety tested?
All of our equipment is Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) annually by a test engineer. All of our equipment carries a green pass sticker, and our PAT certificate is available upon request.

Do you carry out a risk assessments before setting up and installing any equipment?
Yes – We have a generic risk assessment we follow for every event; however, we do alter it for each event to include any specific risks associated with the particular event and/or venue. We are happy to supply a written risk assessment for your event on request.
How do I know you will turn up to my event?
All bookings are confirmed by a written Entertainment Agreement for your peace of mind. As this is a legal contract, you can be sure we will not let you down. We have never missed an event, however, in the unlikely event that we are not able to perform at your event (due to illness etc.), we will make every effort to arrange a suitable replacement from our list of local professional DJs. We also have full AA Breakdown cover - just in case anything should happen on the way to your event.
How long does it take you to setup your equipment?
We always arrive well before the start of your event to get setup and organised. Usually we give ourselves 60 minutes to setup the disco, however, we can setup in under an hour if required. Additional services, such as uplighting, do require extra setup time, so we would arrive earlier to allow for this.  If you do require us to setup in a limited time, just let us know and we will do our best to work within the time constraints. At the end of the event, we usually have everything out within 45 minutes; however, additional services, such as uplighting, may take longer to pack down and load out.

How much space do you need?
We require an approximate space of 3 metres (width) by 2 metres (depth) by 2.5 metres (height), however, we will always try and work with any space constraints there may be.
How many songs can I request?
In short, as many as you like - we then base what we play on this list and mix in some of what we know gets people up and dancing. We also encourage you to send us a list of songs you do not like so we can avoid them. We carry a large music collection with music from the 1950s, right up to current chart music, so we play music to suit you and your event. By ‘reading the crowd’ we will play a good mix of songs to suit all of your guests, and will include any requests from both yourself, and your guests.

I don't want a cheesy party
How many amazing weddings have you been to that have gone downhill once the disco sets up? Is there any need for the wedding DJ to arrive wearing an afro wig, a shirt open to the waist, a medallion, props for YMCA and to announce every single track over the microphone including a dedication for Auntie Brenda to sing “Take Me Home Country Roads”?  I insist all my DJs avoid the tired old novelty songs that would inevitably turn your wedding reception into a generic wedding disco. So, no cheesy light shows, party games or novelty songs guaranteed... unless you specifically request them.

Will you play requests on the night?
Absolutely – We welcome requests from all guests on the night and in advance via our Online Planning Facilities. We will always do our best to fit them in at some point during the night; however, sometimes it is not possible to play every single request.

What will you wear to my event?
Standard dress for all our DJs is black suit & tie. If you require us to wear more formal attire, such as a kilt, or dinner suit, just let us know, extra charges will apply.

What time will you finish?
We have no set finish time. We will work with you and your venue to agree a suitable finishing time for your event. Most events we perform at finish at midnight, with some going onto 1:00am. We are more than happy to carry on into the small hours (assuming your venue agrees), however, overtime rates will apply.

Can I see you working at another disco before I book you?
The majority of our discos are for private functions and therefore, it would be most unprofessional of us to invite along potential new clients to view us, where it is a closed event or by invitation only. Furthermore, we respect the privacy of our clients and it would be unethical for us to pass along any contact details of those who have previously used our mobile disco services. However, we do put some videos on Youtube from time to time and you can only see us work at public functions. Please see the Facebook page for upcoming events. We also have thousands of photos taken at our events so perhaps these will give a good idea IF, your guests will enjoy your party. Visit the client galleries aon FLICKR

Our guests are all ages, can you get everyone dancing?
Yes unless they’re wearing gravity boots! We have a wealth of experience within the Industry and are used to entertaining a wide age range and keeping the dance floor busy. By changing the style of music throughout the night, we will make sure something is played for everyone. We are used to 'reading' a dance floor and are able to play the right songs at the right time. We will make sure all ages are able to enjoy themselves.
My Mum is worried about loud music. She thinks our guests won't be able to hear themselves talk, will that be a problem?

We will always make sure that the volume is set to the correct level for everyone to enjoy the event. If required, we will always adjust the volume during the course of the evening although events do tend to get a little bit loud after 11pm especially when you have a lot of guests.
PLAN AND AVOID THIS PROBLEM  To avoid this common complaint:  Set guest tables away from speakers and seat older guests further away from the sound equipment.
What kind of music do you play?
The simple answer is the kind of music you want. When you book VIP you have the option of having as much input into the choice of the music for your event as you want - you can provide us a complete playlist to stick to or let us know your favourite tracks and we’ll mix and cut them seamlessly with guests requests on the night or let us know what types of music you enjoy and let us surprise you with selections to suit your type of event - requests are always taken on the night (so long as you want!). With a large library of music for all tastes, from the 1950s up to the latest chart tracks, VIP Djs will have the music for your event. If we don't currently have your favourite tune, we’ll purchase it for your event.
Which areas of the country do you DJ?
Although most of our work tends to be in and around Manchester, we travel almost anywhere. Obviously there are additional charges to cover fuel and expenses which we discuss on an individual basis. We also provide services in the South of France please contact us and we will put you in touch with our agency over there.
Do you perform in marquees?
Yes. We would just need two isoltaed 13-amp plug sockets relatively close to where the disco will be situated, and cover if your party is within the UK.
Why do I need to pay a deposit?
We ask for a deposit to show commitment to the booking. If you later cancel, this deposit is non-refundable. A booking is only considered firm upon receipt of the deposit.

Will you listen to my concerns and input?
Our DJs are aware that they can't possibly know about every aspect of music and entertainment. Your input and suggestions are welcome! The DJ is there to keep you and your guests happy.
I have a friend coming to the party who is also a DJ. Can he have a go?
No. Our Public Liability Insurance only covers our staff to use the equipment. He can, of course, request any song he wishes to hear and we will endeavour play this for him instead!


Can the band use your system.

No, they must arrange a seperate system hire from us.
Can we arrange a meeting before the event?
Yes, Absolutely, we’re very happy to meet up with you at our office before the day and discuss your plans, we can also travel to your home or venue if you prefer although there will be a flat fee of £90 plus travel costs, it’s only fair - so get in touch and let’s arrange a meet. We welcome any contact via email or telephone too of course regarding the details of your event.
Can we use your microphone(s)?
Yes, as long as you are sober, feel free to ask us throughout the disco if you want to say a few words but remember, interrupting the flow of the night can kill your party. Microphones are not available for guests who wish to sing along.
Will it cost more if I need my mobile disco upstairs?
If your party is being held on the first floor there will be no extra charges unless we need extra hands to help, Manchester's Hilton Hotel on the other hand (amongst others) is a MAJOR problem. We also need to know beforehand so extra time can be allocated for the setup and takedown of equipment. If your party is being held at a higher level or there are problems with access or parking there may be additional charges for the time taken to deliver equipment. Manchester City Centre Hotels including The Raddison, The Hilton, The Midland, The Piccadilly are typical examples. You must always inform us if a flight of stairs or a lift is involved.

Can I use a smoke machine at my party?
If you want to get great effects from the modern club lighting a smoke machine is essential. Some venues fitted with "particle detecting" smoke alarms which are the standard ones may be set off by a smoke machine. A small amount of smoke will usually be ok but please check with the venue beforehand to make sure.
Do you issue a booking confirmation?
Yes we do. All of our bookings are confirmed to ensure that you have full peace of mind and don’t need to worry about anything ‘disco’ related.  Full terms and conditions of booking a disco with us are sent to you with our booking form and you will be asked to confirm your agreement to them by providing a deposit for the booking.
The venue has a resident DJ, why should I use you?
Some venues have a ‘Resident DJ’ and will strongly advise you to use them. Remember, the venue will financially gain when you use their suggestion. Some of these DJ’s can offer a reasonable service but that is not always the case and it is big risk to take. The venue will book a DJ based on price alone, they will book the cheapest entertainment they can, regardless of how much money you are paying them for the privilege. When you chose VIP you are making an educated choice. You can watch videos on You Tube, read our blog and testimonials, and see what our DJ equipment looks like by looking at our photo gallery. Most importantly, you are also able speak to us! We can discuss your requirements before the event so that we can cater to your personal needs. When you simply book the resident DJ you will have no prior knowledge of who they are and what the quality of their work is. There is no way a resident DJ can make an event personal because they will not speak to you until the big day itself. Don’t be pushed into having the DJ that the venue wants you to have; they stand to make money and will try to influence your choice accordingly– it’s your event so you should be in control.
Can I afford you?
If you have to ask, probably not. I think it some cases the question should be “Can you afford not to hire us?” we are not the cheapest in town but if you want a good quality sound and light system with a professional, experienced DJ, then you will pay more than the bargain basement DJ’s available. The consequences of booking a DJ who is not experienced or professional could make your event a topic of fun and sniggering for years. Your DJ can really make or break an evening; We’ve seen it happen many times. If your event is important enough to be staged, then you must afford us… or risk ridicule if things go awry. Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Final thought: You WILL remember your wedding reception for over 30 years.
I want an up to date DJ for my 16th/18th/21st birthday party, can you do this?
Yes - we definitely can. We undertake 16th's, 18th's, 21st's, 25th birthday parties every single week as well as nightclub work - and always love to incorporate or mix upfront tracks.
How long have you been in business?
VIP is a brand new business which is hungry to impress and make a name for itself as one of the best mobile disco providers in Greater Manchester. Despite being a new company, our Chief DJ Mike Francis has 25+ years of experience DJ-ing at corporate events including giant names like Coca Cola and KFC, plus private events such as weddings and birthdays. He has also provided over 3,000 music filled evenings for audiences in the UK and overseas. After many years of working for agencies, he has put his experience into VIP Mobile Nightclubs and Discos and is finding these very exciting times. Armed with positivity, enthusiasm, a professional attitude, light shows and crisp state of the art sound systems, he aims to impress and provide a fun, enjoyable and memorable time for you and your guests.
We have more questions. How should we contact you?
Send an email to or use our online contact form to send us an email. We can also be found on facebook and twitter.
We are scared of getting a cheesy DJ.
We do not employ loud holiday-rep style DJs or karaoke kings who enthusiastically demand audience participation - inane microphone use is also kept to a minimum. Our policy is party music for 'music lovers' so we PROMISE 100% not to play loads of cheesy dance move tracks such as Agadoo, Oops upside your head, Macarena etc. UNLESS you specifically request it. 
Do you need a break or require food?
Thanks but you have paid us for a job and we personally think it’s rude when paid suppliers queue up with your guests and tuck into their buffet. For an all-day wedding however it is very much appreciated if a meal is provided as we are at the venue for over 12 hours quite often. This is completely up to you however, a steady supply of soft drinks or water however is a must. Frequently your DJ will not be able to get to the bar and NEEDS water.
Does VIP provide references?
Yes! In fact we can go one better; we can invite you to one of our events as long as we can get permission and you will see first-hand what you are booking. Alternatively why not follow us on twitter or facebook. Our public events are also will be advertised and you can just turn up without contacting us.
Sound limiters:
As part of licensing requirements some venues have sound limiters fitted in their function rooms. Some venues systems pose no problem, however we have come across some venues where all it takes is a group of people clapping or cheering to activate the device cutting off all power. This has the potential to cause damage to the more sensitive pieces of equipment many DJ's use. These sound limiter systems also have the potential to have a negative effect on an event, there's nothing worse than having a dance floor full of guest enjoying themselves and as they sing along with a song it all goes dark and quiet. We do everything we can to ensure that the systems do not get activated but we are unable to control how loud an audience is going to sing along. Our terms and conditions provide details of any additional charges than may apply for none disclosure of information deemed relevant, or where it results in my having to withdraw our services due to the potential for damage to our equipment, or detrimental to the health & safety of our staff or your guests. Please note in the 28 years+  we have been operating we've never yet had to implements any of the terms and conditions. They are just there to protect us all.
My preferred venue advises me that I've now got to book their DJ, so I can't use your services?
There are venues that often insist that you must use their own or DJ. It’s worth considering how much of your total bill is for this DJ. We are aware of some venues who will charge clients for not having this DJ who wish to provide their own. So if you see a venue charging you for a service you’re not having you may wish to speak to Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 or the local trading standards office. If you’re looking to use their services take the opportunity to review them prior to committing yourself, often what you’re paying the venue is not what the DJ actually is getting paid.
Why should I use you if the venue has a resident DJ?
The “Resident DJ” is often more of a risk than you may think. While some hotels and venues have reasonable resident DJs, many venues just book the cheapest DJ they can without regard to performance, then charge you triple the cost for this service! You can’t always trust that someone else has chosen the best for you. You know what you need and should have the choice to select the DJ you want.

As a rough guide, a 5 hour Disco will cost £200-£450 for a crowd of up to 150 people and depends on the location, access, parking etc etc. More lighting, extras can be added and more volume, amps, bassbins, lasers could take that price to £2,000 so prices are not that easy to give out.


Can You Set Up Before Any Guests Arrive for my wedding recption?
Yes, this is called a Pre Set Up. This is an option that is specifically tailored for weddings that need a full sound and lighting system set up in advance of guests arriving prior to the event.  There is an additional charge for this service.
Do you take song requests from guests?
Yes, as long as the song is appropriate for the environment. Some songs may not be played if the DJ feels it is incorrect for the event, and will use their judgment to play the right music for the whole crowd and not just individuals. The DJ will pick the songs that work best based on experience and play them at the appropriate time.
I have received a cheaper quote from another DJ, will you match it?
No. We pride ourselves on the value-for-money that we offer our clients and our prices reflect this. All prices are kept reasonable to stay competitive without compromising quality. Cutting prices would mean cutting quality and we have no interest whatsoever in providing a low quality service. We always advise that you should choose the supplier that best suits your needs. Sometimes in life price is the only criteria. There is no room to consider quality. We understand that. There are many low-budget DJs available who cater for these circumstances.

WARNING: All is not rosy in the Mobile Disco garden, the lower capital investment required to get started offering these services has led to a new breed of Mobile DJ offering sub standard products and services. As with any industry there will always be those who want to make a "quick-buck" to the detriment of their customers and the experienced professionals who invest heavily in equipment and training.

I have a colour theme for my wedding/event, can your equipment match it?
Yes - absolutely! With the use of computer controlled uplighting we can 'wash' the room in any colour you choose. We can even program our main light shows to match your colour scheme and light the DJ booth in a matching colour. There is an additional charge for this service.
Do you talk much in between the music?
Answer by DJ Domo: Generally I do not speak between the music, however I make clear and well-articulated announcements as and when they are required. I DJ with a very high standard of mixing to club standard, so you will not find me talking nonsense on the microphone, I only talk on the microphone when something is worth saying! or if there is a spotlight moment that needs highlighting, such as introducing the cutting of the cake or the opening dance at your wedding.
How early do I need to book my wedding DJ?
If your wedding day is nearer to a Saturday in mid-summer than a week day in Winter then we recommend you book as soon as possible. We do get booked up many months in advance. Your booking will be confirmed in my diary once we’ve received your deposit. We will always hold the date of your wedding for one week from the day you receive your booking confirmation, so you don’t feel you have to make any rushed decisions.
How do I confirm my booking?
We will email a booking confirmation to you and once you have paid your deposit the booking is 100% confirmed. Payment can be made from your account login page.
Is It Customary To Tip?
If you feel your DJ does a great job, gratuities are always a simple way to say thank you.
Do you have a backup DJ on call in case of emergency or sickness?
We have DJ’s that are “on call” should an emergency or car accident occur or your selected DJ become ill on or before the day of the event and in this case, the client will be notified immediately of the replacement DJ. All information gathered by the original DJ will be passed along to the replacement DJ, of course this is a last resort option and the DJ is only switched in a worst-case scenario.
Do you act as the “emcee” and make all of the announcements?
We are happy to provide “emcee” services to make announcements throughout your function as and when required but otherwise we will keep talking to a minimum and announce just the : 1st dance, last dance, buffet, throwing of bouquet etc.
Do you do karaoke?
Not unless it has been previously booked as part of the event but if you have a backing track and want to do a one off; we will allow you to sing, provided you are not too drunk. You need to notify us before the event or sing over the actual recording itself.
Do you talk a lot?
It depends on the crowd on the night. If you are all well up for a party I banter a little more, but I never allow it to dominate the music. Answer by DJ Paul Sugden:
Can you supply just music and DJ?
Yes we can, we regularly perform at various pubs and clubs using in house equipment.
Do you do the announcements?
Of course. Every gig has it's announcements like the buffet, last orders, special dedications or ad lib performances by the guests etc. Your DJ will announce with confidence and clarity.
Why have I been sent a bill for equipment damage?
The most common cause of damage is from drunken guests spilling drink on the equipment, children damaging floor lighting, and guests stealing stand-alone £400 per unit uplighters "just for a laugh" and yes, it is chargeable - in some circumstances it will end the gig if vital equipment is damaged. If you don't have time yourself, ask someone to keep an eye on the stage. If we have a "slozzled" guest lurching around near the show usually with lager in hand, it will engulf our attention until they are no longer a threat. This affects the quality of the performance and spoils it for the entire venue :-(  Imagine a drunk sloshing a pint of lager around inches from your flat screen tv, computer or stereo, or a child kicking your tablet like a football...How would you feel?
Do you bring anyone to the gig with you?
Your DJ will frequently bring an assistant / Roadie / Photographer.
We are happy and want to book you. What do we do now?
Just visit and complete the booking form. We’ll then email a booking confirmation plus login information and details of how to make your deposit payment to prevent gazumping! Although a deposit is not required, if we do not receive your deposit two weeks after posting your confirmation of booking, we do not guarantee your required date will be available.
Do you hold dates or offer provisional bookings?
Unfortunately we cannot hold dates without a completed signed booking form & agreed deposit paid to secure your date with us. However any quotation for your requested date is still valid if another booking hasn’t already been taken on the date you have requested.
Do you use a smoke machine?
A small amount of smoke can dramatically increase the visual effect of any lighting effects but if you or the venue would prefer it not to be used then this is not a problem.
Does the DJ talk on the microphone?
Our DJ's are confident and know how to speak clearly on the microphone. However, in our experience we find most guests prefer to enjoy the music without the DJ talking over it, and therefore keep DJ banter to a minimum - for making important announcements and for song requests etc. Let us know when booking if you would like more interaction from the DJ, we have some live-wire characters on board.
My venue has a noise limiter. Will you be able to do my show?
If you're not familiar with noise limiters, some venues have them installed to ensure that the volume does not exceed a certain level. They are more commonly found in venues that are close to residential areas and are there to protect their licence. The problem we have found with some noise limiters is not only do they not work well with live music, they enforce the volume limit by briefly cutting the mains supply if a certain noise level is exceeded momentarily. Should this happen, it will not only spoil your party, but could also permanently damage our equipment. Many DJ's and live acts refuse to perform in venues fitted with noise limiters. In answer to your question, we will provide you a disco. However, the volume of the music will be limited to that of the noise limiter, whatever that might be.
Noise limiters are an issue if they are set too low (ie 92db). We recommend you check with the venue and ask them to lift the limiters to around 98db in most cases they will be happy to meet your requests.
Do I have to make payment before the event?
Yes, we require a non-refundable booking deposit before we consider the booking ‘set in stone’ The remaining payment is to be made prior to the event taking place.

How Will The DJ Dress?
We have branded and unbranded black clothing which allows our DJ's to work comfortably in hot environments our photographers wear identity badges which makes them easy to identify should you or your guests need to speak to them. Whilst we have never found an occasion where this dress code hasn't been appropriate we will of course be happy to discuss this should you have any concerns. DJs will also dress for appropriate events, ie black tie dinner dances and weddings. If you require more formal attire, ie kilts, morning tails etc. Please let us know at the time of booking.
It seems a lot to pay out at once.  Is there any other way I can pay for a mobile DJ?
Yes, we have introduced a way of paying little by little before your event takes place, just login to your account and click on the payment system, pay as little or as much as you want.
It’s our Wedding, Can we be sure you'll have our 1st dance request?
No problem, just add it on your wedding planner in your account. In the unlikely event of us not having your choice we will of course purchase a copy.
Can I be sure you will get everybody dancing?
With our experience you can be confident that we can 'read the crowd' and play the right music at the right time throughout your event.
We are worried it's going to be too loud !
There is nothing worse than hearing the distorted sound of bass echoing across the hall. Our sound system is powerful but crystal clear and we aim to pitch the volume at the right level.
We have a mixture of young and old.  Can you cater for all ages?
Yes no problem, but make sure you use your online music request system for specific songs; Our DJ's are experienced and are able to satisfy most mixed audiences to a high level.
Do You Require Refreshments?
Yes, a steady supply of water and soft drinks for every event. Food is not neccesary unless an event is more than 4 hours long. NOTE: Our staff do not drink alcohol whilst working.

Will you take breaks?
We’re only human so yes we may take the occasional break during the event but don’t worry, we’ll ensure that there is still a seamless flow of music.
Can I choose my DJ?
If you have attended a VIP event and seen one of our DJs in action and would like to request that particular DJ for your event, we do offer an optional "DJ Retainer" to book your preferred DJ way in advance should that DJ be available at the time of booking.
How do I know that the allocated DJ will be the right DJ for our crowd?
Just like McDonalds, every DJ uses our unique set-designs, "Decks on Show" | Softglo Stage and lighting towers or our industrial Aluminium LiteConsole stage with overhead gantry. Minimum sound and lighting equipment is specified by us and each dj is trained to our exacting standards for microphone use and music knowlege. This means, unless you need a DJ that specialises in a very particular and non-commercial genre of music, we will comfortably send any one of our DJs to your event.  We are proud that we are neither not gender or age discriminating and our DJs are between the ages of 21and 65 with no less than 3 years Hands-on DJ experience. Our reputation would not be at the level that it is if we were to send incapable and amateur DJs to events.
Can I provide the DJ with a full Playlist for our event?
PLEASE NO! Keep in mind that as the client you are of course entitled to submit a detailed playlist which the DJ will gladly honour, however, if the event is not as successful as you would have liked, you cannot then blame the DJ if he simply carried out your instructions. What we do encourage is that you provide the DJ with around 25-100 favourite songs from various genres to give him an indication of your preferences, but ideally you want him to "Read-The-Crowd" and make informed and experienced decisions on the fly. A playlist can NEVER be pre-defined because even the same crowd does not react in the same way from one event to another.
Will our DJ talk a lot on the microphone?
We’re asked this many times and it really is up to you, we employ and train ‘personality DJs’ but we insist all DJs simply make the various announcements clearly, such as the first dance for the bride and groom. If a guest asks the DJ to dedicate a song to someone they will do that too, and they may offer some encouragement if the dance floor needs it BUT, in general, we ask them to sheath their rapier style wit and let the music do the talking. We DO NOT not employ karaoke pub type 'over-enthusiastic' DJs.

How do you handle requests?
We try to play all requests; we like to be as approachable as possible. We also know we are booked for everyone's enjoyment not just the individual. So if a request is made it may not be played ‘on demand’. We also know that some requests aren't suitable for the night and may polity tell someone we don't feel that will work. NOTE: this is when some guests can become VERY abusive, please make sure you keep a watchful eye, we believe in a polite and professional manner from ourselves, but also be aware; we will not tolerate abuse or aggression. Obviously a request 5 minutes before the end of the night, 99 times out of 100 will be too late. The "awww just play one more" syndrome at the end of the night can also turn into aggressive behaviour so please keep an eye on any excited and drunken guests.

Do you use the microphone?
YES, all DJs have a clear manner and are not shy on the microphone, though as any good DJ will know, one needs to get a fine balance of just the right amount of DJ vocals. Many DJs today simply do not use the microphone to build an atmosphere, at the other end of the spectrum, some DJs don't know when to stop using the microphone ruining people’s enjoyment of the music. This is never a problem for VIP Djs. Answer By Andy Peters
Do you professionally mix music?
YES. I started DJ-ing back in the days of vinyl ("Now That’s What I Call Lute” being the first record I ever bought) I currently mix using MP3s which still needs a good knowledge of 4/4 tempo, musical keys and rhythms and beats… plus the knowledge of how a song is constructed using 4 beats to a bar, phrasing etc, PLUS when the bridge can be used in a mix and what will happen in the chorus and the middle 8 break before finally the track comes back in on the 64th beat and closes with 32 beats left to mix in the next track. plus of course at this section of track you don’t need to worry about what key the next song is in because it's just a beat...   In comparison to the wind-up gramophones we used to mix with and the Technic SL1200s, it's certainly easier to mix with a laptop by just pressing a button, but you still need some technical skills too so, do I professionally mix? You decide.  Answer by Mike Francis.

Do I need to feed and water you?
You’re certainly not obliged to feed or water us, but of course it is always nice to be looked after! The DJ is unlikely to be able to leave his DJ booth for anything longer that a couple of minutes, so the odd offering of a soft drink wouldn’t go amiss when the bar is packed.
How much do you charge?
If your needs are not covered by our ‘packages’ then we price events on an individual basis so it will generally depend on what you require. Our pricing for a 5 hour mobile disco (with dance floor lighting on control) would cost about £395. The same service with a planning meeting in person and LED uplighting as an optional extra would cost about £580. It’s always frustrating not to see what things cost on websites isn’t it?
We have got lots of quotes and yours has come back highest What do we get for our money?
Not all DJ’s are created equal and generally you will get what you pay for, so expect quotes to be varied. We are a premium entertainment business and we only use a small selection of the most experienced DJs so they will not only be very professional, but they will also have the skill to make your event that much better than an average DJ.
We have our own equipment, can we just hire a DJ?
Yes. We have a number of associate DJs who specialise in certain genres as well as our own DJs who play anything and everything. Give us a call to see what we can offer you.
What's the difference between the 240W, 600W, 1,300W and 3,400W sound systems?
The number of guests at an event, the height of the ceiling, the curvature of the ceiling, a carpeted floor, linen tablecloths… these are just some of the multitude of things that effect whether you need more powerful equipment. As you jump up the power scale. Our systems also become more sophisticated offering better sound clarity and bass response. The 240W and 600W systems comprise of 2 speakers whereas the 1,300W and 3,400W systems include 2 subwoofers and 2 top speakers pole-mounted above head height so that everyone on the dancefloor gets a clear, direct sound.
Which sound system should I choose for my event?

OK, in a nutshell:

  • 240W - Background music, speeches, house parties for grown-ups!

  • 600W - Hall parties for grown-ups, house parties for teens and twenties.

  • 1,300W - Hall parties for teens and twenties, busy dancefloors.

  • 3,400W - Balls, proms, small music festivals, club like events and anyone looking for ultimate power and clarity.

My venue is upstairs, is that an issue?
It’s not an issue at all, however please be aware that it will take us a considerable amount of time longer to set up and pack up. Please also be aware that there may be a surcharge for this, however this will be decided on an individual basis.
How do I pay?
We would ask that you pay a minimum deposit of £50 within 2 weeks of making the booking with the balance paid a week before the event. Under no circumstances will any of our DJs turn up to an event hoping to get paid on the night.

We have not booked a toastmaster; can you make any necessary announcements?
If our equipment is already set up in the venue, we are more than happy to make any announcements in fact we can provide a toastmaster service from welcoming the guests, the grand entrance of the bride & groom, speeches & cake cutting right up to the first dance. There is an additional charge for this service.
How far in advance do I need to book?
The short answer is as soon as possible. we try not to sub contract work out to other DJ's and only run four shows so to avoid any disappointment reserve your date now.
Do you know the venue?
Manchester and Cheshire is awash with fine quality venues, and we have had the pleasure of hosting wedding discos in many of them – including flagship hotels such as Manchester’s Hilton Hotel, Portland Hotel and not forgetting The Midland - plus numerous local town halls, sports clubs and function rooms. If we don’t already know your venue it will not take us long to find out about it.
Who will be turning up at my event and how many?
Most events are covered by a DJ only after our equipment installers have finished setting up lightingand sound, please be assured there is no danger the DJs girlfriend, extended family or DJ groupies will turn up at your private VIP event!
How do I confirm a booking?
After you complete an online enquiry form and assuming the date is free, we will email a Booking Confirmation to you at which point you can decide to confirm the booking by paying a deposit. A deposit is not required but advised based on past experience. A booking without a deposit is not a secured booking it’s purely a ‘maybe’ so we respectfully suggest you pay the £25 deposit and secure the date you require.
Do you do Karaoke?
Sorry but we only supply mobile discos and do not carry equipment for Karaoke. However, if you need a Karaoke spot, we can contract a DJ to perform at the event. There is an additional charge for this service.
Can you keep a secret?!
If a surprise party is what you’re after just let us know at the initial booking and we will use the utmost discretion whilst discussing details and setting up the equipment on the night!
Can You Set Up Before Any Guests Arrive?
Yes, this is called a Pre Set Up. This is an option that is specifically tailored for clients/events that need a full system set up in advance of guests arriving prior to the event. This option is ideal for weddings & corporate functions. There is an additional charge for this service.
Aren’t you just another cheesy disco?
We aim to differentiate ourselves from the stereotypical ‘cheesy disco’ as much as possible.  We want you to have fun and there is so much good music to play so we try not to default to just playing ‘cheesy mobile disco ’ music.  We take a fresh and modern approach but will always incorporate your musical choices.
Lost password
If you have lost the username or password for the online music selection tool and event planners just let us know and we'll issue a new one.

What happens once I've booked?
You will receive a confirmation email with the agreed details of the event and instructions on how to make your deposit payment. On the week leading up to your event, we’ll call you to go over the details and answer any last minute questions. If you have any queries or concerns in the meantime you are free to email or call us.
My venue tells me that they have a gadget that limits the volume of the disco. Is this a problem?
This is becoming an increasingly familiar question by enquiriers using certain venues. Sound limiters can switch the mains power on and off to our equipment. This would interrupt your party and ruin the atmosphere, they can also damage our equipment therefor we often refuse to play at these venues. But please call us and we will already know or we'll contact the venue then make a decision on whether to accept the booking or not. We recommend that you DO NOT use venues that have limiters/attenuators fitted, they may be cheap, but this is why!
Would it be ok if I give a list of music and ask you to stick strictly to it and play nothing else?
No I am a DJ not a Jukebox or an iPod. You book me for my knowledge of creating an atmosphere,and making a party work - and that's just what I do. I am of course happy to take requests but they are requests not demands. Answer by Mike Francis.
How many guests do your DJ packages cater for?
Our smallest DJ packages cater for up to 150 guests, for greater numbers you will require additional sound and a survey of the venue may be required. This can only be done using a bespoke quote so please enquire.
Can I hear a demo of your music?
Yes you are welcome to. You may visit our various DJs mixcloud sites by clicking here »
How many DJ’s will attend my function?
Usually there will be only one DJ, if you want more let us know and we’ll oblige. The DJ may bring an assistant should he require assistance.
How do I confirm a booking?
To confirm your booking simply pay your deposit on your Planning Homepag.
Is it going to deafen us?
An experienced DJ is skilled in determining the acoustic level and keeping a check on the volume  during the evening. Whilst your friends chat on arrival in the early evening the music is typically in the background setting the mood of the party rather than drowning out people's voices. For the experienced disc jockey lowering the volume if called to would raise no great dilemma.
Isn't the DJ just there to put the records on?
The majority of events entail a little bit extra on top of providing songs to dance to. The experienced DJ at a VIP disco or nightclub event is easily adept at mixing the tracks, putting out all of the blurb during the course of every event and dealing with or volunteering friendly suggestions for snags that sometimes spring up during your special event.
Will you just play the same crap like Abba and Village People that every mobile disco plays?
It is your event so we will play the music that you and your guests wish to hear. As part of our booking system we encourage you to complete a detailed music playlist prior to the event although we do not guarantee to source and play every track listed. Your DJ will also carry a huge back catalogue of music and take any requests you or your guests may have on the night. If music is not your strongpoint and you are unsure of the types of music you would like to hear and would like a "mixed bag" of music, for all ages to keep people dancing, this is not a problem. All we ask is that you give us a rough guide of the types of music you would like to hear.
Some of my guests asthma or epilepsy, do you use smoke machines or strobe lighting?
We have found that smoke machines and strobe lighting are sometimes more trouble than they are worth and often not permitted by the venue so we do not use them as standard which means medical problems like this are not a problem BUT, we suggest a disco may not be the most appropriate of events when people have any medical problem. If you would specifically like us to use strobes and smoke equipment just ask!
Will you keep talking on the microphone over the music all night?
No, for most functions we will use the microphone sparingly and much prefer to let the music do the talking. If you prefer a Vaudeville-style entertainer as opposed to a DJ then please specify during the booking process.
Our equipment is very expensive and our DJs are priceless :o) we operate a ZERO tolerance towards aggression and violence. If any of our staff receive abuse or threats, or if we feel our equipment is at risk we will issue one verbal warning. If the situation continues we will withdraw our services without further warning. It's your party and we have no problem with people drinking but your guests must be monitored by someone.

My mate says he knows somebody that can do the disco for £150, why should I book you?
As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, £150 may seem like great value, but you are unlikely to get the reliability and high quality equipment and service a professional DJ & disco can provide. In our experience, we find that a cheap DJ will easily cancel on you with no valid reason or will turn up late or not bother turning up at all. Your celebration is a unique one off event, why take a chance on booking a cheap, inexperienced and unreliable DJ? It isn't worth the hassle or the anxiety just to save a few quid - and worst of all it could ruin your whole party.
Can you provide up lights to colour the entire room?
Yes we can enhance the look and feel of any room with our modern range of LED uplights in any colour, also our up lights are wireless so no messy cables or extension leads. There is an additional charge for this service.
What other event services can you provide?
We work with some of the best entertainment sector suppliers in Manchester so if you are looking to hire any other services such as Tribute Acts, Starlit Dance Floor, Photo Booth, Large LED Love-Letters, Dry Ice Effects, Adult Games or Casino etc we can help
Will you beat another quotation?
VIP offer high-quality entertainment, with online planning facilities, smart professional presentation and high-grade equipment. We are not the your average mobile DJ you might find in the local pub (not that there is anything wrong with pub DJ's, but the work does not justify the investment we have made into our business). We understand that we are at the top end of our industry and therefore not always the cheapest, but in terms of quality, attention to detail and overall experience, you can rest assured you are in safer hands with VIP...

SO... will we beat another quote? No.


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