​The value of your DJ lies with “ability” and “results” ...not how cheap you can source one on Gumtree!  In this profession, you get exactly what you pay for.


Sarah Wallis. Event Planner

What kind of DJ do you want for your event?

Not all DJs do the same kinds of things; for instance, some just mix music and don’t talk, so if you want your DJ to perform EMCEE duties as well, it is essential to choose someone who has those skills.


So, what do you want?

  1. I want a club-style DJ to play Music only

  2. I want the DJ to make announcements and have some chat  and interaction with the audience

  3. I want a Mr Motivator to get the crowd going.


    Typically for weddings, our services include a two person DJ & Emcee team. Using a two person team allows a dedicated host on your dance floor, free to interact with the audience, get your guests to participate in games etc. and make introductions while out on center stage.

    The DJ works along with the emcee to make sure all your song selections are cued up and ready to go. This method allows for a much cleaner performance than having one person juggling both duties.


  4. I want a DJ that will entertain the kids  

    VIP is not the right company for you, you need to book a children’s entertainer.

When it comes to choosing a DJ, event and party planners have certain expectations. Once you have considered your expectations and decided exactly what you want, DJ hire becomes a lot simpler and you are more likely to be successful in choosing the right person for the job.


If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

​How do I book?

To reserve the date just call 0161 964 1991.


How long is the set?

A standard DJ set is between 2 and 5 hours. If you require more than five hours then you can add additional time at a rate of £30 per half hour (excluding celebrity DJs).


Can I submit a playlist?

Yes! One playlist of 30 tracks is included in the booking fee. You can also give the DJ some pointers in addition to the playlist such as “we like 80’s & 90’s” or “no cheese”. Your DJ will then work the rest of the tracks around your chosen tracks/genres. If you want to submit an additional playlist, then you are welcome to do so. This is charged at £20 per extra 30 tracks (to cover the extra time the DJ needs to prepare).  All VIP clients have access to online planning tools. Selecting music is easy and fun!

What is your personal mixing style?

Like most music enthusiasts, I like to let the music speak for itself, without any knob twiddling, scratching or fancy moves. I am not a fan of effects, and believe EQ is something best saved for adjusting to the acoustics of the space. I am a fan of mixing in key, beat-matching, seamless segues, and knowing when to play tracks all the way through, leaving in those familiar intros and outros that crowds love. Answer by VIP Owner DJ Mike Francis.

We have a mixture of young and old.  Can you cater for all ages?

Yes no problem, but make sure you use your online music request system for specific songs; Our DJ's are experienced and are able to satisfy most mixed audiences to a high level.

IMPORTANT If you don't dance, don't expect your guests to dance!


Many times, your guests will follow your lead. So, if you are hanging out at the bar in an adjacent room, there's a VERY strong chance your guests will do exactly the same. If you are spending most of your time outside, and the dance floor is inside, your other guests will head outside with you. Likewise if your guests see you on the dance floor having fun, they will  join you.


​Will you take requests on the night?

Yes. We are more than happy to take requests on the night, and your DJ will have the technology to download tracks on the spot (subject to internet access).

Who will my DJ be?

Unless you have specifically booked DJ Mike Francis, we don’t assign a DJ to an event until around two weeks before. and we will assign your DJ based on availability and who is best suited to your specific event. All of our DJs have been trained by Mike Francis to his standards.

​​What does your setup look like?

Our basic party disco is simple and tidy to blend in. No logos, lasers, or anything that glows (some optional uplighting). Wedding setups are varied so pick up some good ideas free in the gallery ...set us a budget, and leave us to come up with some suggestions to achieve your dream wedding.




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