ESSENTIAL NOTES: All bookings are accepted in good faith from the information you have provided. All fees are quoted on the basis that the function room is on the ground floor, is wheelchair FRIENDLY (We use 4-wheeled trucks for heavy equipment), provides free onsite parking and, the function room will be empty for the DJ to allow for safe equipment setup.  All fees are quoted on the basis that the package booked is fit for purpose (eg. Booking a four hour basic disco with minimum lighting for 50 guests at £195 when the event is a five hour wedding reception on the second floor for 200 guests is unsuitable, unacceptable and dishonest. We will not honour fraudulent bookings.

Full Terms and Conditions
The contractual terms between The DJ and those purchasing services from the DJ (hereafter referred to as “the customer”) are contained exclusively within these terms and conditions. These conditions and the contract shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the Law of England.
1.    The date, type, times and place of the event and fees are as specified on this booking agreement.
2.    Under no circumstances will the DJ be bound by any addition to or other variation of these terms, whether oral or in writing, unless any such addition or variation is agreed in writing by the DJ with express reference to these terms.
3.    The booking of the DJ will only become a confirmed booking once VIP has received the deposit.  Provisional bookings will be held indefinitely but it should be noted that we use an electronic booking system and if yours is a only a provisional booking you can be ‘gazumped’ online without notice. We also reserve the right to cancel an unconfirmed booking at our discretion and without notice.
4.    The Booking form is proof of verbal or electronic agreement and shall include any other terms and conditions agreed before issuing. Any alterations must be made by the customer or the DJ and be agreed by both parties.
5.    Cancellations must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to the date of event and will incur an administration charge of £70.00. If the customer fails to cancel the booking in writing, before the booking date then the customer will be charged the full fee.
6.    For 'last-minute' bookings, payments of due balances must be in cash and should be paid to the DJ on arrival at the venue. Under no circumstances will the DJ begin setting up equipment or rendering services until the balance is paid in full.
7.    Payment to the DJ will be for the performance time of four hours unless stated. Any additional changes to times must be agreed in writing by both parties and subject to any possible increase or decrease of cost.
8.    Should additional performance time be required (outside the time as stated on the booking agreement), an extra £40 per half hour (or part of) will be applied.
9.    Should there be a power failure upon arrival of the DJ at the venue, 50% of the remaining fee is to be paid. Should a power failure occur at any point after the event has started, the full remaining fee is to be paid. Should the event have to be terminated due to failure of the DJ’s equipment, a refund of the total amount paid (minus the deposit) will be made to the customer, no other liability will be accepted.
10.    In very exceptional or unexpected circumstances including 'Acts of God', we reserve the right to cancel our services without notice and we will accept no liability beyond the fees already paid to us.
11.    The customer shall ensure the function room is empty to allow for safe equipment setup and the venue will allow the DJ adequate access time for the setting up (usually 1.5 hours) and taking down (1 hour) of any equipment. If the event start time is delayed due to the inability of the DJ to gain access to the event area, or any other delay beyond the DJ’s reasonable control, no liability will be accepted and no refund will be given.
12.    The customer will be responsible for any theft or damage, normal wear and tear excluded, to equipment (sound/lighting equipment and/or music library) caused by anyone in attendance at the event during the contracted time period, including the time allowed for setting up and packing away, unless damage is due to the company's negligence. The full cost of any repairs required will be charged to the customer who will be advised of any damage as soon as it is possible. NOTE: It has become a fun thing during the speeches for the speaker to end their speech with a microphone drop.  If you plan to do this, do let us know in advance.  The fee for this service is £190 for a cabled microphone and £450 for a radio microphone which you get to keep as a memento of the hilarious end to your speeches.
13.    VIP DJs do not tolerate violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour from anyone. We reserve the right to terminate our services at any time should we feel our personal safety or the safety of our equipment is under threat. If this occurs, no refund of any fees paid will be given.
14.    If a booking has been confirmed and the DJ attends the function to find another artist or DJ has been booked by you, the customer or any other persons then the full fee shall be payable.
15.    The DJ is not responsible for any damage caused to the room or building where the services are provided and is not responsible for any power outages.
16.    The DJ and any assistants agree to conduct themselves in a sober and proper manner and respond to the reasonable wishes of the customer as to volume, position of equipment or other matters concerning people’s enjoyment of the entertainment.
17.    Public liability insurance cover may be / is provided by the DJ only for the protection of the public against damage caused to the public by the DJ personnel or equipment and not by any action of the customer or anyone in attendance, who may cause any such damage to themselves or others which may include, but is not restricted to them being under the influence of alcohol of other substances.
18.    The DJ is not responsible for obtaining any licence that may be required to stage the event. The customer shall ensure that any such licences’ are obtained prior to the event. If they are unable to obtain this and need to cancel the event, please refer to point 3 above.
19.    The DJ, at their discretion, reserves the right to discontinue all or part of equipment usage if the power provided is not capable of operating the equipment without risk of damage to the equipment, company or the public, or if the working environment constitutes a health and safety risk. The surface on which the DJ is to play cannot be dirt, gravel, or any other unstable surface. If applicable, the customer agrees to furnish a facility that completely covers the DJ's equipment from direct sunlight and rain. If service must be discontinued for any of the aforementioned reasons, the full balance is still due.
20.     Free DJ photo/video to say thank you for all five star reviews. Customer satisfaction is our top priority so after your event we’ll ask you about your night! We welcome and cherish your feedback and we want to make sure that you had the time of your life!  BUT, No feedback, no video/photos! Your video is created from raw media AFTER we receive your feedback and is provided solely at our discretion. It is a gift and does NOT form part of this booking contract. Use of images and media. You agree that any and all media taken by VIP can be uploaded to a web gallery public or private. You grant us permission to use any media for promotional purposes. If you choose to have media loaded onto our social media sites you take responsibility for allowing all and any users to upload any media for sharing. Any free media files prepared for you are typically made available 48 hours after event feedback has been received from customer and DJ at our discretion.  To reiterate, free social media Videos,  photos or other free g
21.    The DJ will accept music requests in writing in advance up to 3 days prior to the booking and will do his/her utmost to play at least 15 of the customers’ requests. The customer also agrees that the DJ cannot guarantee the inclusion of any deleted, obsolete or difficult to source requests either in writing or on the night of the booking.
22.    The DJ will endeavour not to play songs with explicit or offensive lyrics that would cause offence to any guests attending the booking however clean versions of songs are never guaranteed unless they are provided by the customer. If unsure about any songs please do not hesitate to contact us.
23.    Deposits, Terms and Bookings. When a booking is made with VIP Discos regardless of the method of contact it is deemed that the customer has read, understood and is bound by our terms and conditions of hire.  A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure an event date, you have 0 days from booking to pay your deposit. If the deposit is not received then the date will remain open to further enquiries and the company reserves the right to accept alternative bookings.

24.    It is the responsibility of the ‘client’ to ensure that the ‘DJ or Artiste’ is provided with free parking facilities at the performance venue. Should no free parking be available the ‘client’ is liable for any parking charges, fines and legal costs incurred.

25.    All fees are quoted on the basis of a suitable unloading area. When access is difficult, additional logistical arrangements may be needed including more hands and an extra charge will apply. Please check on loading and unloading restrictions to your venue and advise us accordingly as all bookings are accepted on the basis there is reasonable access available.

26.    Due to size and weight of equipment, all venues must be on the ground floor and WHEELCHAIR FRIENDLY to allow for the roll in and roll out  of equipment  unless stated at time of booking; Otherwise extra hands may be required and/or extra charges applied. This will be charged to the customer who will be advised of extra costs as soon as it is possible. The venue or the customer will provide a 4’ table and a 13amp power point.

27.    VIP Discos reserve the right to substitute a similar DJ in the unlikely event of any DJ being unable to appear for any reason.

28.    It is the clients' duty to ensure that the ‘artist’ is provided with adequate refreshments throughout their stay at the performance venue. The minimum that must be made available is a free unlimited supply of mineral water, soft drinks and a hot meal. Whilst the hot meal or buffet is negotiable for events of 4 hours duration or less, mineral water and soft drinks should always be provided.

29.    A fog / haze machine FREE  may be provided to enhance the lighting effects but permission must be obtained from the venue by the customer at least 7 days hours before the event. If permission has not been explicitly provided, the DJ will not be expected to provide a haze/smoke machine. This is a free offer and DOES NOT form part of this booking contract.

30.    Our equipment produces loud volumes and flashing lights. If you, or anyone else who will be at the event, are subject to any form of seizures, epilepsy or visual photosensitivity, are using a pacemaker, suffering cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders, currently taking stimulants, tranquilizers or psychotropic medications, specifically including illicit drugs and alcohol, please inform them that they will be subject to loud volumes and flashing lights. If they choose to attend, they do so at their own risk as lighting or sound shows will not be changed or adjusted to compensate for their ailment. The company or VIP employees cannot accept responsibility for any outcomes and the customer can decide if the disco should be abandoned.

31.    If a strict vacation time policy by the venue means that the DJ has to finish earlier than scheduled to dismantle equipment and vacate the premises, we are not responsible for the loss of service and no refund shall be offered.

33.    SOUND LIMITERS OR VENUE IMPOSED SOUND LIMITATIONS. It is the client's responsibility to inform the DJ if the venue has a sound limiter or any other venue sound imposed enforcements. We do not work in venues where a maximum threshold level is set under 94db. In venues with a maximum threshold set over 95db, we will endeavour to keep the noise levels below that level and the client agrees that there shall be no recourse against Your DJ, should levels be accidentally exceeded leading to the power supply being restricted or halted completely. Any damage caused to our equipment as a result will render the customer liable for repairs or replacements within 5 days of notification.

34.    In the case of any dispute with the company, it will be kept confidential and neither party will disparage the other. The Parties agree that it would be impossible, impractical or extremely difficult to fix the actual damages suffered by reason of a breach and accordingly hereby agree that five thousand pounds sterling (£5,000) shall be presumed to be the amount of damages sustained by reason of each such breach by the other, without prejudice to the right of any party to also seek injunctive or other equitable relief.

35.    If the customer's non-diligence for the event prevents the performance of the contract by VIP, we are relieved of obligations under the contract by the customer's breach.

36.    LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE: If you find a service for less at one of our competitors, we’ll beat it by 10%. Proof of competitor price required. Applies to events on a like for like basis and subject to the competitor having availability. This offer is not available if a specific DJ is required.

37.    Your playlist of  at least 30 tracks from over 5,000 popular dancefloor tracks is included in the booking fee, your DJ will work the rest of the music around your chosen tracks/genres and the age of your guests. If you want to submit an additional playlist including tracks that are not on our online database, then you are welcome to do so. This is charged at £20 per extra 30 tracks (to cover the extra time the DJ needs to prepare).  We will advise you if we feel some of your selections won’t work on the dancefloor! It is your party but you’ll enjoy it far more if your guests are enjoying themselves too!


As the client you are of course entitled to submit a detailed playlist which the DJ will gladly honour, however, if the event is not as successful as you would have liked, please don't apportion blame to the DJ if he simply carried out your instructions.   You can, and should, give your DJ a must-play list of tunes, but you shouldn't try to micromanage the music! After all, it's their job to keep people on the dance floor.

Make sure you let us know What you want your DJ to do if your guests are NOT dancing to your music choices?

[ ] Continue playing only the music I requested, I don’t care about a full dancefloor
[ ] Change the music temporarily and go back to my playlist when possible.
[ ] Change the music and continue as you see fit.

Y/N Do you want your DJ to play requests for the guests at the party?
Y/N Do you want your DJ to continue playing a request if it fails to get people dancing.
Y/N Do you want your DJ to continue playing a request if it clears the dancefloor?

What happens if a guest request is on your no-play list?

38.    VIP may amend the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time by reasonable notice, including without limitation by posting revised terms on its website at the URL:, which amended terms and conditions shall be binding upon you.


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