• Mike Francis

Didsbury House Hotel Wedding DJ

Updated: Jun 13

If you’ve hired a beautiful venue with amazing decoration, do you want that all ruined by a disco setup that doesn't look great?

This luxury Victorian town house is a statement in individual design, bringing influences from around the world to the fashionable suburb of Didsbury. Didsbury House features 27 bedrooms with residents bar and lounges all reflecting the hotels eclectic design and providing a chic urban venue for weddings.

Pop the Wedding DJ in the bay window might seem an odd remark, but that's a perfect spot and exactly where I need to be! It's a great vantage point for the intimate lounge disco area where the music can be as lound as a nightclub or as ambient as an Ibizan sunset chillout bar.

Last time I was there the bride and groom were a couple of ravers and wanted it LOUD PLEASE! What?


VIP, Saddleworth Business Centre, Delph, Oldham, OL3 5DF

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